The Front Line Hockey School Difference


Our Focus

Front Line Hockey School is dedicated to helping House League, Rep. and “A” level players age 5-14 develop their skills and passion for the game

Our Technique

Using techniques that are time proven and tested for over 20 years we teach players in a manner that builds confidence through hard work in a fun, enjoyable environment.  We offer
a combination of both Technical Skating and Hockey Skills
development to assist players in their hockey pursuits.

Our Philosophy

We believe that by encouraging young players and teaching them skills in a manner they understand we can help build confidence as well as improve skills.

As players develop skills and build confidence they begin to try their newly found skills on the ice in games and practice. As this happens players enjoy the game even more than they previously did.

Our philosophy is to help players either enjoy the game at the levels they are at now or build the confidence and skill required to try even higher levels.


Our People

Our instructors are experienced players, coaches and teachers of the game. They focus on relating with players to ensure each player is comfortable and enjoying themselves while learning.

We provide low player to instructor ratios to ensure players receive the attention and assistance they require.

We receive very positive feedback from parents and players alike following each camp about our instructors. The instructors truly enjoy helping the players develop and improve.

Read more about our Director, Doug Mackenzie.